CyanogenMod 6.0 Released for Several Android Phones


CyanogenMod 6 has finally made it out of the “Release Candidate Stage” and is now available for download and install on supported Android devices. For those of you who don’t know, CyanogenMod is a ROM for various Android-powered phones. Built from the official Andoid Open Source Project (AOSP) codebase, CyanogenMod adds various tweaks, enhancements, and replacement apps with the intent of making your Android phone faster, more stable, and less dependant on carriers to update their handsets (as evidenced by the T-Mobile G1 running Froyo, and running it well).

If you have one of the supported devices, you can find your downloads and instructions specific to your handset at the CyanogenMod Forums.

Supported devices for 6.0

Nexus One

Motorola Droid


HTC Desire

HTC Incredible


HTC Dream (G1)

HTC Magic (myTouch)

HTC Aria

MT3G Slide

Things that aren’t in 6.0 (but may be in 6.1)

Vibrant support

EVO: Wimax, HDMI, FM radio



ANDROID: Google, HTC, Qualcomm, and everybody else. We <3 U
Common: ADWLauncher 1.0.1 – Ander Webbs

Common: Music app enhancements – Eliot Stocker

Common: Phone mod V.30.1 – cytown

Common: WyContacts 1.2 – Wysie (port to Froyo by Sileht)

Common: Superuser 2.3.3 – Adam Shanks (ChainsDD)

Common: Deskclock extra settings – Cyanogen, Michael Webster

Common: MMS enhancements from Ruqqq, Takuo Kitame, jeagoss, temporalshadows

Common: Improved RTL text rendering – David Kohen, Omri Baumer

Common: Themable user interface elements – Wysie, bcrook, jeagoss

Common: FLAC playback support – Kenny Root, Cyanogen, Glenn Maynard

Common: Lockscreen enhancements – Wysie

Common: Long-press home options – Wysie, bcrook

Common: OpenVPN support – James Bottomley, Takuo Kitame

Common: Br0tips – Kmobs

Common: Browser incognito mode – Optedoblivion

Common: Zipalign on install (if needed) + system dex cache to /cache – Cyanogen, Chris Soyars

Common: Customizable Nexus LWP – Chris Soyars/Cyanogen

Common: JIT toggle, configurable heapsize, compcache supprt – Cyanogen

Common: Adjustable haptic feedback – Michael Webster

Common: Custom wallpapers – jairomeo, prash, SatanR1

Common: Battery percentage display – canadiancow, jeagoss

Common: Trackball wake, trackball unlock, menu unlock – Jon Boekenoogen/Kmobs

Common: Surfaceflinger night mode and effects – Jeff Sharkey, widget from Wysie

Common: Reflow webviews on pinch option – Jonas Larsson

Common: Enhanced accelerometer settings – Jonas Larsson

Common: A2DP bugfixes – Glenn Maynard

Common: Browser fullscreen mode and other enhancements – Wysie

Common: Translations: Takuo Kitame, Matthias Büchner, Eug89, comercy

Common: Major build system enhancements by Chris Soyars & Koush

Common: Long press volume buttons to skip songs – Jon Boekenoogen

Common: Accelerated ARMv7 JPEG and PNG decoding – Qualcomm

Common: Skia acceleration on ARMv7 – Qualcomm

Common: Patch wrangling – Cyanogen, Chris Soyars, Koush, Kmobs

Common: Bluetooth HID support – Erin Yueh @ 0xlab

Common: Mouse pointer support – Chih-Wei Huang (android-x86)

Common: Configurable install location + allow move any app to external storage – Cyanogen

Common: Busybox and rsync Android ports from Dylex

Common: nano, and libncurses are now built from source. – cvpcs

Common: Dual camera support – Cyanogen

Common: Support for HTC camera firmware with extra features – Cyanogen, Qualcomm

Common: Other camera enhancements – Cyanogen

Common: Customizable status bar – Michael Webster

Common: Lockscreen music controls – Kmobs

Common: “Roam Only” mode – jrgutier

Common: Mobile data toggle for power widget – Drakaz

Common: Exchange support fixes and volume rocker selection – Michael Webster

Common: Lock home app in memory option – Cyanogen

Common: Audio DSP support (equalizer, virtual room, compressor effects) – Antti S. Lankila

Common: Customizable trackball notifications – Pedlar

Common: Arabic language support – Aziz Huss, David Kohen

Common: Torch app – Ben Buxton, Cyanogen

Common: Browser color invert (save battery on AMOLED screens) – Qualcomm

Common: Configurable brightness sensor – Jonas Larsson

Common: Ad-Hoc wifi support – Petr Havlena

Common: Audio focus enhancements – Jonas Larsson

Common: Mail folder sync settings – Michael Webster

N1/DS/Desire: Kernel with Pershoot/Kmobs clock settings

D/S: Camera reverse engineering by NCommander & Cyanogen

D/S: Kernel patches for stability from Zinx Verituse

D/S: MT3G Fender/1.2 support from Zinx Verituse

D/S: Better media profiles – Charan Singh

EVO: Kernel base from toastcfh, display patches from AssassinsLament and netarchy, backport of various features from Cyanogen (2.6.32)

EVO: Sprint MMS fixes – Darchstar, toastcfh

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