New Smartphone Accessories This Week: HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, Apple iPhone 4


This week, we’re seeing a number of smartphone accessories being released or made available. We’ll cover some of the major highlights for some of the popular phones, including Apple’s iPhone 4, the HTC EVO 4G, and the Galaxy S. These accessories include:

1. HTC EVO 4G Car Dock: The car dock is now available at Sprint stores for those who want a customized feel to hold their EVO 4G smartphone to the windshield or dash. It does come with a plastic adhesive for dash mount or a suction cup if you want to place it on your windshield, but do follow state law to see what is permissible. The bare-bone kit sans charger will go for a somewhat steep $60 asking price, but such is the price that you’re paying to have a dock that’s specifically made for your smartphone. If you do get the HTC EVO 4G car kit, we recommend getting a car charger as well if you’re navigating with the phone as your battery can drain pretty quickly with the screen on, GPS radio activated, and possibly 3G network access pulling data for either Sprint Nav or via the Google Maps with Navigation feature on your Android 2.2 device.


2. Apple iPhone 4 Extended Battery Hard Case: Need a hard case? Want to eliminate the “Antennagate” issue? Also need extended battery power since your phone’s been rampantly trying to scan for the nearest AT&T tower to no avail because of said Antennagate issue, further drawing down your battery life? Well, a company called MiLi has got you covered with an integrated case-battery solution that will provide some protection for your iPhone 4, though not the device’s glass screen, and also give you some juice. It is available via Amazon for the $85 asking price, which isn’t bad, though the iPhone 4 does a respectable job of battery life so your utility for such a pack may vary, but MiLi is claiming double the iPhone’s battery life.

mili powerspring 4 with iphone 1282822467

3. Samsung Galaxy S Battery Pack: Despite the fact that your Samsung super-phone has a removable battery, you can add a rechargeable battery pack, much like the aforementioned MiLI case for the iPhone 4, which will give you some protection for your device as well as add some juice. Same idea, just this time it’s an OEM solution made for your international version of the Galaxy S, though we’re wondering if it will also fit the T-Mobile Vibrant edition as well since the backside on both devices look the same. Not a bad look if you don’t want to swap batteries and are stuck with powering on the phone after you swap internal batteries, though you do end up with a small hump at the top of the phone.

samsungpowerpackebb u10 small

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