Pictures of Motorola Kobe for AT&T Finally Emerge


We’ve only had a screenshot and some leaked specs for the Motorola Kobe before, and now we’re finally seeing images of the device emerge, which should straddle the mid-range to high-end smartphone lineup for the carrier. The Kobe, also known as the Diablo internally, will definitely be a step up from the mid-range Backflip, also available on AT&T with its unique backflipping keyboard.

moto kobe itw 04

moto kobe itw 05

moto kobe itw 06

From the images, it seems that unlike the Droid X, which Motorola had used an updated UI and called it just a widgets-based UI on top of Android rather than MOTO BLUR, the Kobe looks to be using a similar MOTO BLUR UI like that on the Backflip. The difference can be seen on the built-in shortcuts to the phone and contact icon on the bottom of the home screen flanking the App Drawer where those icons are encapsulated inside tiles–the new widgets-based UI on the Droid X and Droid 2 do not have tiles surrounding those shortcut icons.

For specs of the device, you can visit our prior post.

(via: Engadget)

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