How-to De-AT&Tify Your Captivate


The AT&T Captivate (a Samsung Galaxy S variant) is a real nice phone. Unfortunatley, AT&T has loaded it up with junk that you don’t need which takes up space and slows it down. How can you get all that AT&T “junk” off your Captivate? I’m glad you asked.

And, yes, before you flame me in the comments, “de-AT&Tify” may not actually be a word, but it’s fitting, don’t you think?

As with all our articles that cover modding, hacking, and/or rooting, your phone you do so at your own risk. Ahead there be dragons.


1. You’re going to need an AT&T Captivate (otherwise these instructions won’t do you much good).

2. Root access. If you haven’t already done so, follow our How-to Root your AT&T Captivate tutorial.

3. BusyBox. If you haven’t done so already, download and install the BusyBox app from the Android Market, open it and follow the instructions to enable it.

4. Sideload ability. If you haven’t already done so, follow our How-to Enable App Sideloading on the AT&T Samsung Captivate tutorial to fix that.

Remove AT&T Bloatware Apps

0. If plugged in, unplug your Captivate.

1. Download Titanium Backup from the Android Market

2. Open Titanium Backup and tap the Backup/Restore button

3. For every app that you want to get rid of, tap the app then un-install. Don’t delete apps that you don’t want to. The AT&T apps that you may want to remove are:

AT&T FamilyMap

AT&T Navigator

AT&T Maps

AT&T Mobile Hotspots

AT&T Music

AT&T Radio

Mini Diary

Mobile Banking

Mobile Video



Write and Go


Remove AT&T Market Restrictions

Yeah, AT&T not only doesn’t want you to install non-Market apps, they also don’t want you to download various apps from the Android Market either. (Aren’t you glad you picked AT&T?)

Luckily, Andrea Baccega has developed an app called Market Enabler which de-censors your Market by pretending to be the T-Mobile Market on the Samsung Captivate (as well as other devices).

1. Download and install the Market Access .apk.

2. Close the Market (the easiest way to do this is to reboot).

3. Open Market Access and go to “Backup value” (just in case you want to re-censored in the future).

4. Tap “Providers” and find: “T-Mobile

5. Tap and hold that option until it says “Emulate T-Mobile SIM?” and tap “Yes”

6. If you are prompted, allow Market Access Superuser Permissions

7. Tap back to “Settings” and tap the checkbox next to “Emulate on boot” (so it remembers what you want even if you reboot).

8. Launch the Market and enjoy all the apps that AT&T didn’t want you to know existed.

Axe the AT&T Start-Up Sound

1. Connect your phone to your computer with USB Debugging turn on

2. Open command prompt and navigate to the tools folder of your Android SDK (similar to cd C:UserspocketnowDesktopandroid-sdk-windowstools) then type the following:

adb shell (enter)

su (enter)

cd etc (enter)

cp PowerOn.wav /sdcard/ (enter)

rm PowerOn.wav (enter)

exit (enter)

exit (enter) (yes, type it twice)

The next time you boot up the AT&T “swoosh” start-up sound won’t be there!


If you’ve got a Captivate and have gone through the steps of “de-AT&Tifing” it, I’m very interested to know if your device runs any faster, and how much extra utility you’ve gotten from being able to load pretty much whatever app you want. Comment below!

(Source: Briefmobile)

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