BlackBerry Torch Sales Underwhelming According to Goldman Sachs


Investment powerhouse Goldman Sachs is saying that Research in Motion’s latest BlackBerry entry, the BlackBerry Torch, is underwhelming.

The Torch employs a portrait-oriented slider form factor, a first for RIM, and also is the first device to utilize the BlackBerry 6 operating system, which has been re-designed to be more finger-friendly and compete more effectively against the iPhone and Android devices.

According to Goldman Sachs, AT&T stores are not selling out of RIM’s latest smartphone flagship and that many Torch owners are upgrading from earlier generation BlackBerry smartphones rather than switching from other devices running other platforms.

The firm noted that nearly all of the stores they called did not sell out of the device. Also the checks showed that the vast majority of Torch sales were driven by upgrades from existing BlackBerry subscribers.

Unfortunately, because of RIM’s enterprise-focus, the Torch is in an unenviable position of trying to keep the BlackBerry user experience consistent for users who upgrade, while at the same time try to prove itself as innovative, revolutionary, and vastly different to appeal to switchers. Like its rival Symbian, RIM doesn’t want to alienate users already on the platform with something too radical.

For me, personally, the Torch is the best BlackBerry to date and should attract a number of BlackBerry upgrades. As for users migrating from Android or iOS, BlackBerry 6 seems to be hampered by a slower 624 MHz CPU. Although in basic tasks, the Torch 9800’s processor isn’t sluggish, users will experience periods of intermittent slow downs while installing apps, browsing complex webpages like, and transitioning between menus after heavy periods of multitasking. Moreover, in the consumer-focused smartphone space, other devices have gained 720p HD video recording while the Torch’s VGA video capture sensor may limit its appeal from consumer-based Android or iOS potential switchers. The Torch, like many BlackBerry devices before it, still reign supreme for the ease in emailing, and does carry a stellar keyboard, excellent battery life, and the key BlackBerry DNA that makes it as appealing, if not more, as any BlackBerry.

(via: Know Your Cell)

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