Connect Your Watch to your Android via Bluetooth


I’ve got an Android. It gets emails. It gets text and MMS messages. It gets phone calls. It has a calendar on it. It has an alarm on it. None of that does me any good without pulling my phone out of its holster, waking it up, and looking at the notifications.

While that sounds easy enough, wouldn’t it be easier to vibrate your watch and display the notification right there on your wrist? You could read that incoming text message? Maybe even send that incoming call to voicemail, just by pressing a button on your watch.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could control your media player (volume up/down, track next/previous, with track and artist information, all without having to touch your Android?

Thanks to Bluetooth, some really smart developers, and a couple Bluetooth enabled watches, it’s not only possible, it’s available now!


– Device running Android 2.0 or newer

– Sony Ericsson MBW-100/150/200

– or LM Technologies (LM957/LM958)

– or Prada Link (limited support – currently missing message list and some notifications)

Current features

– Start on boot

– Call notification (name or number)

– SMS notification (name or number and text preview)

– MMS notification

– Media player control (play/pause, next/previous track, volume up/down)

– Music info (track and artist)

– Gmail and K-9 mail notification (sender and subject)

– Calendar notification (time and event name)

– Alarm notification

– IM notification (Mundu IM – sender and text preview, Hi AIM/MSN/Yahoo)

– Display number of unread SMS+MMS, Gmail, missed calls, battery

– Ability to Silence ringer on incoming call

– Notification bar icon

– API for developers (receive button events and display text/envelope on watch, make it vibrate)

– Graphical logos (96×16 BMP)

– Customizable screen

For more information, check the thread at Versions are available for Windows Mobile, Windows, BlackBerry, and Maemo, too.

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