Customizing your Android’s Lockscreen


One of the things power-users like to do is customize their phones (sometimes to the point of absurdity). With Android phones there are two ways to customize the way your phone’s user-interface (UI): using off-the-shelf apps and built-in configurable options, and the much more advanced method of using custom themed ROMs (see this, and this).

We’ve already talked about personalizing with wallpaper, widgets, and several articles about Live Wallpapers.

One of the newer ways to customize your Android is with a custom Launcher app (or “home screen”), like LauncherPro. This is where an app called LockBot comes in to play.

You see, LockBot is a launcher, but it’s not. When you first install LockBot and press the home button, the “launcher picker” will come up, and LockBot is in the list (but tells you not to select it); tap “set as default” and select your preferred launcher and you won’t be asked again.

LockBot replaces the lock screen of your launcher app to display any number of custom-skinned backgrounds behind any one of several styles of lock screen (iPhone, Hero, Eclair, Froyo, X10, etc.). It comes with several downloadable backgrounds, but will work with backgrounds from Flickr, Picasa, Wretch, and even or pics on your sdcard.

Most of the time I favor free apps. This app comes with a free “lite” version, but don’t waste your time with it. If you want this functionality, jump for the full version for US$3.49.

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