How-to Play PS1 Games on your Anroid


Let’s say you’ve got one of the “higher-end” Android’s on the market today (Nexus One, HTC Desire, or Samsung Galaxy S, EVO, Droid X, etc.). Let’s also say that you like PlayStation games. Would you like to play your PS/1 games on your Android? Luckily, that’s well within the realm of possibilities!

First up, you’re going to need the psx4droid app, available in the Market for US$5.99.

Second, you’ll need to load up the PS/1 bios. We’re assuming, of course, that you’ve backed this up from the PS/1 that you already own so that everything is on the up-and-up. If you’ve misplaced your backup, you could try searching for scph1001.bin from your favorite search engine (make sure your antivirus software is up-to-date before you go that route).

Third, you need games. Again, we’re assuming that you’ve backed up your games to ROM files. If not, you’ll need to search for those, too. Keep in mind, psx4droid doesn’t recognize games in the MDF format; BIN, ISO, IMG, and Eboot should all work fine.

Fourth, it’s time to start putting stuff on your sdcard. Make a folder called PSX on the root and drop the scph1001.bin ROM into it. Inside that folder make another folder called ROMS and copy all your games in there.

Step five is configuration. Launch the psx4droid app and choose the PSX BIOS file option. Point it toward the folder and file where you placed the scph1001.bin ROM.

From this point all you need to do is select which game ROM you want to run and there you go! Enjoy playing your PS/1 games!


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