Run Ubuntu on your Android


Yes, it is possible to run Ubuntu on your rooted Nexus One or EVO 4G!

This is another “Why? Because I can!” hack… and if you thought the Windows 95 hack was cool, this should blow you away — but is significantly more complex!

The first thing you need to understand is, unlike running Windows 95 on your Android (which is pretty much useless), running Ubuntu on your Android is just that, running a full-blown, modern desktop operating system on your phone. You can run command-line programs, and even VNC into the GUI and run graphical programs, too.

I’m not going into the steps on how to do it here because, honestly, it’s a bit above my level of expertise (I’m not a “Linux Guy”), but if you follow the steps outlined in the video and link below, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Just like the Windows 95 hack, using the mouse-pointer in Ubuntu requires dragging and tapping the on-screen cursor (which isn’t as easy as it sounds). But here’s where things get really interesting:

Cyanogen is working on getting CyanogenMod ROM to run on the EVO 4G right now. On the surface, that’s just cool, but dig a bit deeper and you realize a couple things: the EVO has an HDMI-out port on it (meaning you can hook it up to your TV or computer monitor, complete with sound), AND he’s working on getting HID (Human Interface Devices) working over Bluetooth.

Think about that: this is laying the framework to let you plug your phone into a monitor via HDMI and use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to operate a real OS — running on your phone!

Take a look at the video to see what I mean:

(via Nexus One Hacks)

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