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Some sites post articles or videos, send them off into the ether, and abandon them. I’ve always thought that was a bit arrogant, and somewhat sad. Since joining the pocketnow team in February of this year one of my personal goals has been to open a dialog with the readers. I try and monitor my posts and videos for a few days after they’re published and interact with comments and questions. (How have I been doing so far?)

More and more frequently, my articles have been raising questions that are off-topic for the article, and my readers have been contacting me with these questions (which is fabulous, by the way!). I try and research and respond to each and every question within a day or so of having been asked, but this morning it hit me: You guys are asking really, really good questions, and if I only answer via email, the rest of the readers don’t have access to these answers. Today I’m trying something a little different, I’m going to respond to two reader questions that I received earlier this week here, so you all can benefit from the questions that your fellow readers are asking… and hopefully your comments will help either validate my opinions, or offer a different perspective (which I feel is of greater value).

Question One

Hello Joe, I’ve been watching all of your videos about Android for a long time.

I want to buy one, in fact, I want to buy Nexus One. And you’re using it as a primary handset so I have some questions if I may. :)

Everyone is telling me that it is better to buy HTC Desire, because it’s cheaper and in question of hardware they’re the same. But I have to admit I don’t like Desires design.

Even when I watch other new Android phones I can’t decide which one is the right for me.. And still I quite like Nexus One. So I want to ask you what’s your feeling about it? How much do you like Nexus One?

— Martin

Question Two

I have been reading your posts and reviews over Android world.

I am planning to get a new device, currently i am using HTC HD2 and HTC Hero with Android 2.1 …

For Android devices, what would you recommend? I am confused between Nexus One, Motorola Milestone and other options.

From your experience what would you recommend me? …

— Thanks, Akram

This is something that iPhone users don’t have to ask, because they don’t have a choice. Us Android folks, on the other hand, we’ve got choice flying at us from every direction!

Since these questions specifically asked about three handsets, let’s focus on just those.

Google’s Nexus One and HTC’s Desire are, on the inside, basically the same phone. On the outside the Desire has a slightly different case design and replaces the trackball with touchpad. Also, the Desire comes prepackaged with HTC’s Sense UI (which the Nexus One does not). You’ll also want to make sure your carrier uses the bands that the phone supports, otherwise you’ll be stuck with EDGE rather than 3G.

HTC Desire Size

The Nexus one comes in two varieties which support different bands for different carriers. Make sure you get the right version on the phone, otherwise you’ll be stuck with EDGE rather than 3G. That’s where things get sticky. If you want to buy a Nexus One from Google, you’re out of luck: Google has officially sold-out of their stock. You may want to check with Negri Electronics or other online distributors and reserve your Nexus One as soon as you can, before they’re all gone.

nexus one

If you don’t mind the Sense UI, and if your carrier uses the bands that the Desire supports, go with the Desire. Otherwise, if they’re still available, go with a Nexus One.

The Motorola Milestone is basically the Droid for the European Market (and now available unlocked). The Droid is an impressive phone and has a physical keyboard. If you’re in the U.S. you’ll want to make sure that your carrier uses the bands that it supports, and you’ll also be paying a premium to import it.

Motorola Milestone

I use a Nexus One, and that was the right decision for me. I found that a physical keyboard isn’t as big a deal as I thought it would be since rotating the phones into landscape mode makes the on-screen keyboard plenty large enough for two-thumbed typing. If you need a keyboard, the Milestone is likely your best best. If you can go without it I’d say Nexus One over Desire — if you can still get one.

Of course, we blew right over the other dozens of phones like the Samsung Galaxy S series that are very nice phones, and definitely worth considering.

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