Farewell Motorola Droid 1, May You Rest in Peace?


Reports are coming in that the original Motorola Droid may soon be listed as an end-of-life item nearly a year after the device initially launched in October of last year. When an item enters end-of-life (EOL) classification, manufacturing will begin to stop and the carrier will attempt to sell out remaining inventory.

While the just under 1-year lifespan of the Motorola Droid does seem short, Motorola and Verizon Wireless has been aggressively pursuing their relationship with Google to push out additional devices under the Droid brand and also outside of the Droid brand. Since the original Droid, Motorola has brought a unibody sliding Android smartphone device in the mid-tier range to Verizon known as the Motorola Devour, which has solid feel. The manufacturer also recently released its blockbuster smartphone under the Droid moniker known as the Droid X, which had quickly sold out and joins the Droid Incredible in being listed as out of stock.

Additionally, it seems that the mentioned Motorola Devour will also join the Motorola Droid in smartphone heaven as that device is also listed on the carrier’s EOL classification if the leaked screenshots are to be believed.

While the Devour and Droid are nearing their end, Motorola and Verizon are rumored to be bringing out a Droid 2, which retains the original handset’s design while giving it improved performance, most notably the Texas Instruments ARM-based OMAP processor. It’s unclear if the new Droid 2 will utilize Verizon Wireless’ backend and the Droid X widgets on the device’s homescreen, which looks similar to MOTO BLUR but isn’t, or if it will run MOTO BLUR, like on the original Devour or devices like the T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ.

For interested hackers and enthusiasts who like to modify their phones, you should be prepared in the fact that Motorola will employ an eFuse mechanism to make it difficult, if not impossible, to load custom ROM images, though the manufacturer has clarified that the implementation is for the best handset experience and for the security of the device. Motorola has stated that the eFuse won’t brick your Droid X and, also by extension and inference, Droid 2 devices as the Droid 2 is yet to be announced.

Thanks to Jay Sherby for the news tip!

(via: Mashable)

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