Overclock Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, Diamond, Diamond2, Touch HD with Msm7kCpuSpeed


NetRipper, the developer of LeoCpuSpeed, has decided to create a similar overclocking utility for devices with less powerful processors. Msm7kCpuSpeed lets users underclock and overclock devices with Qualcomm MSM7xxx processors. This means devices like the HTC Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, Diamond, Diamond2, and Touch HD (528MHz by default) can be adjusted anywhere from 57MHz to 710MHz (19.2MHz increments). It can be clocked slightly higher, but seems to be unstable when above 710MHz. Unfortunately, the device must be plugged into a power source to receive the benefits of the utility. However, NetRipper did mention that he’s trying to figure out a way to let it run on battery power. Check out the features below and head to XDA-developers to try it out for yourself. Please take caution and use at your own risk.

Features (from NetRipper):

– The CPU speed is calculated from the actual clock registers, not via some dll or shady method.

– CPU speed is updated every 250ms (I haven’t seen it auto-scale to other frequencies yet, but kept this feature from LeoCpuSpeed).

– A small dot blinks on each update so that you can see if your device hangs or not.

– Under- or overclock by moving the slider

Warning: tweaking with your device’s CPU may or may not cause harm to it. Use at your own risk and please take caution. Read all notes on the developer’s XDA thread.

(via: XDA-developers)

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