Video: AT&T HTC Aria Unboxing and Quick Look

In this video, we take a look at AT&T’s newest mid-range Android handset that resembles a cross between the HTC HD Mini, which runs Windows Mobile, and the Droid Incredible. The HTC Aria is a compact smartphone that runs a 600 MHz CPU, placing it in the mid-range category as it doesn’t utilize the faster 1 GHz CPU of HTC’s higher-end phones, but is still relatively fast and bright. The device comes with a number of AT&T apps, most of which require an additional monthly subscription to use, such as the AT&T Navigator GPS program and radio and TV apps.

Additionally, while AT&T maybe limiting its Android phones to only being able to download official apps from Android Market rather than sideloading apps, HTC’s gone out with their HTC Sync desktop client that would allow sideloading. It is yet to be known whether AT&T and HTC will patch the HTC Sync component to remove that functionality, but so far HTC is freeing Aria owners from AT&T’s grip.

You can also check out our hands-on video at the HTC San Francisco meetup.

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