Steve Ballmer: Windows Mobile Missed a ‘Whole Generation of Users’


At the ongoing Microsoft annual Worldwide Partner Conference, Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation, admitted Windows Mobile missed a “whole generation of users”.

Is that the generation of power users? Business users? Or average users that use their Windows Phones just to show it off. Don’t get me wrong but I know a lot of people having Windows Phones and using them solely for placing calls but hey, it’s cool and expensive!

What Windows Mobile was missing (not!) was all the shiny blings other OSes implemented exactly to capture the part of the market interested in it. I’ve yet to meet a power user or a business user giving up Windows Mobile and its features, let it be Office, Exchange, multi-tasking, browsing, navigation for something shiny. Don’t get me wrong, just because I haven’t met one doesn’t mean there aren’t. And don’t forget customization and the ability to tweak, improve, personalize. So what’s the missed generation of users? Maybe the KIN target audience? Oh, that’s covered!…

One way to fix this loss is to “push forward with Windows 7 based slates and Windows 7 based phones” Ballmer said, promising to do that with “energy and vigor” and Microsoft “will give you a set of Windows-based devices that people will be proud to carry at home and will fit the kinds of scenarios enterprise IT’s trying to make happen with the phone form factor”.

Keeping the solid foundation of prior Windows Mobile 5 and 6.x versions, Windows Phone 7 could bring the two adjacent circles together, allowing you to either use your phones or slates for business or chilling out and why not, even showing off!

(Source: The Register)

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