HTC1 Concept Shown Off


Designer Andrew Kim went live on his Blog with a pretty neat concept of an HTC device he has called the HTC1, which, according to his concept, should be able to fulfill at least two objectives.

First, it should be a premium product that “differentiates itself from lower models” and this is achieved by build quality, the concept’s body being made out of machined brass with a silver finish, being durable, smooth and protective of its interior and aspect.

Second, there should be a harmony between the software and the hardware design applying a “less is more” policy to the user interface, eliminating the good old Sense UI and introducing Sense UI Mono Edition, with support for full screen widgets.

As far as a kickstand is concerned, there would be no need for one since the bottom part of the HTC1 would twist and transform into its own kickstand. There would also be two speakers for stereo sound. And let’s not forget germ killing while charging: the HTC1 would emit UV beams while being charged to kill all the bacteria and germs your skin might get in contact with.

Now this makes you think about the good old question all of us have asked ourselves at least once: why didn’t HTC put a better camera in this device? Why didn’t HTC put a higher quality screen of speaker? It’s all about the costs. Sure we’d like to have a device that would be a premium quality device! Would we pay big cash to have it? I don’t know, you tell me! Something tells me no. As with any manufacturer of any kind of product, the idea behind research, development and production and the main goal is towards sales! What makes good sales? What would you personally prefer? To sell a few high priced products or to sell tons of smartly priced products?

I think the reason why HTC or any other device manufacturer will (close to never) build such phones is the market itself. We’d all want an HTC1, we all dream about one, but I don’t think one out of ten would spend over $1.000 just to have one. And that’s a 90% sales drop. Would you buy one?

See a large concept image here.


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