AppleCare: The iPhone 4 Update Won’t Solve the Antenna Problem


Well this is just a nice way to come back from a holiday. It seems someone at AppleCare has stated that the iOS 4 update won’t solve the antenna issues so many users are complaining about on their new iPhone 4. Apparently it will change the way the antenna indicator calculates bars, but that won’t solve what happens when you touch the left lower portion of the antenna.

We’ll still call this post a rumor until we see the update to the OS actually working and confirming it as a fact, but according to Gizmodo, they gave AppleCare a call three times today and in these three times they got the same “pretty much read” responses:

• There is an antenna interference problem when you hold the iPhone 4 in a certain way

• One solution is to hold the phone differently, avoiding to touch the left bottom corner of the phone

• The other other solution is to buy a case or one of Apple’s $30 bumpers

• The incoming software update will not fix this antenna problem, only change the way the phone displays the available signal, make it more accurate

So much for state of the art industrial design. Don’t get me wrong, the concept is cool and I am a big fan of the phone. I just wouldn’t call this a break through until Apple can prove it can work. Surely getting a free bumper is a great solution Apple should attend to by giving these away for free, but there are some of us here who simply don’t like to carry their phones on cases..

Via Gizmodo

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