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Time for another round of answers taken from questions submitted to us to our Twitter account. This morning we sent out a tweet asking for your smartphone questions, and here’s a whole bunch of answers to a select handful! Be sure to follow @pocketnowTweets to be a part of this segment. This time we’re talking about Snapdragon vs. Hummingbird, HTC Desire on AT&T, and iPhone 4 antenna hysteria. Let’s get to it!

@TheDeadCPU Will there be a GSM Droid X for us Europeans?

Motorola released a GSM version of the Droid (the Milestone). They did this because the Droid was a big hit in the US. I expect the Droid X to also be a successful device, so we’ll likely see a European GSM variant, probably in time for the holiday season.

@rahlquist Should the FCC Regulate mandatory signal strength display uniformity?

Haha. I don’t think so. Signal strength displays have never been problematic until the iPhone 4.

@thekid1990 which processor is faster the hummingbird or the snapdragon or are they both the same?

The Hummingbird is technological superior to the Snapdragon, so in theory, it should be faster. The Hummingbird can calculate 90 GPU triangles per second, while the Snapdragon can do only 22. If you want a very detailed explaination, check out AlienBabelTech.

@RainerVonHabs i was able to get out of an at&t rep that the htc desire was coming out. you have any idea/guesses as to when?

I’m actually surprised to hear the AT&T rep say that. With the Captivate due on AT&T in the near future, I couldn’t see the Desire selling very well, unless it’s priced much lower than the Captivate. Carriers tried to avoid offering a product that would cannibalize the sales of another.

@TristanWalsh With wp7 and android 2.5/3.0 improving the ui of the os, do you think that we will see as many custom skins and interfaces?

It’s common for people want to customize their phone beyond what the OEM had in mind. We still don’t know how easy or difficult it will be to modify the interface of WP7, but with Android Gingerbread, you can be sure that we’ll see the development community continue to make custom skins and interfaces.

@Johanssonstefan Is the EVO 4G or the amazing Droid X available for usage with a European carrier? You americans always gets the cool stuffs

Actually, Europeans have had it much better than Americans for years in terms of phone releases! With the exception of the last year, you guys have gotten all of the goods first: HTC devices (Wizard, TyTN, Leo, Rhodium, Topaz, Diamond, etc), Samsung devices (Omnia I and II, Omnia Pro, Galaxy S), and even Sony Ericsson (XPERIA X1, X2, X10). Only recently have we been getting the devices first like the EVO 4G and Droid X. But to answer your question, if a device is a huge hit in the US, it’s likely that you’ll see it enter other markets around the world in short time.

@MarcT77 do you think the hysteria surrounding the antenna issues with the new iphone4 is justified?

Meh, it’s pretty ridiculous that this problem exists in the first place. If I hold my iPhone 4 just right, the bars decrease from 5 to 2, and the internet speed also decreases. But, I don’t hold the phone like that, so I’ve never lost a call or have had a reception problem. I don’t know how Apple can solve this with a software update. Lower bars = worse signal. How can you fix that with software?

@siem1986 i have a htc desire and would like to know: do task managers really expand my battery life?

Great question. I ran a task manager on Nexus One for a couple of weeks. I would force kill programs on a regular basis. I even had the phone kill all programs when I put it into standby. Then, I decided that worrying about tasks was annoying, and I un-installed the task manager. The result on battery life? Negligible. I think these operating systems that can multitask are well-tuned to manage memory well enough to where the user doesn’t need to do it. So to answer your question, a task manager may have an effect on battery life, but it’ll be small.

@Senbel so will win-mobile software work on the new window phone?

That’s still unknown. It won’t happen natively, but it’s possible that some smart developers (cough, XDA) could come up with some sort of emulator. If that happens, you’ll need some beefy hardware for it to work.

@PiggilyTails is the Sprint/HTC EVO 4G Forward compatible with Sprints possible move from WiMax to LTE? Remember, they have early out.

LTE requires different hardware, so no, EVO 4G won’t be able to work on that type of network.

@sanketsprabhu help me to make me choice between galaxy s & htc desire? i m from india.

Well, what’s important to you? If size is a consideration, the Desire is smaller. Or, if you prefer HTC Sense over Samsung TouchWiz, go with the Desire. But if you’re interested in screen quality and device speed, I’d go with the Galaxy S which has the Super AMOLED and Hummingbird CPU.

@Snowx2k5 When do we get to the point when we say that’s too big? I don’t see the logic in such a big phone, to each his own I guess.

Good question. There is definitely a limit. The Dell Streak pushes the limits at 5.0″. For more people, that’s far too big. I think we’ll max out at 4.5″ or 4.6″, achieved by reducing the size of the phone’s bezel to a sliver. Otherwise, the phone just gets too big and starts to look and feel like a mini tablet.

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