How Apple’s Retina Display Fares in Contrast, Brightness, Depth, and Accuracy


According to a test ran by Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies, the Retina Display of the iPhone 4 is said to be among the best on the market today. While Apple was touting pixel count–Steve Jobs mentioned that the iPhone 4 has a pixel density of 326 ppi, similar to that of text printed on a laser printer–Soneira tested for other factors, including contrast, brightness, color depth, and the accuracy of color production on the screen.

According to Soneira, the iPhone 4 has the brightest display compared to the Droid X, Droid Incredible with the AMOLED display, and the EVO 4G. The iPhone 4 came in at 536 cd/m², which is twice that of the AMOLED display; the Droid X and EVO 4G fell somewhere in the middle.

In terms of contrast, the Droid X and iPhone 4 did great and were on par. The highest contrast was from the AMOLED screen of the Droid Incredible. Although the Incredible’s screen isn’t as bright, the device benefits from having truer, richer, deeper blacks due to the AMOLED screen technology. On the iPhone 4, the contrast ratio is 1097, which is higher than the 800 that Steve Jobs mentioned during his keynote.

Color depth was highest in the iPhone 4 and the Droid X–both devices can display 24-bit color although the Android OS limits the Droid X’s Gallery app to display photos in just 16-bit color. The HTC devices can render in 16-bit color.

In terms of color accuracy, the Droid X and EVO 4G had the best ratings. The iPhone 4 was undersaturated by about 36% while the Droid Incredible had an oversaturated display of about 37%.

Overall, it is said that the iPhone 4 “has the most well-rounded display of our bunch. It offers a completely 24-bit color experience, the brightest screen, and great contrast (for an LCD.) The iPhone 4 could be even better if didn’t Apple didn’t limit its color accuracy.”

(via: AppleInsider)

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