Video: How to Return a Purchased App to the Android Market


Let’s say you’re browsing the Android Market and decide to go all-in and actually purchase an app. Most apps are free, but some cost money. Those that do are generally fairly inexpensive (less than US$10), but there are those that can get into some serious cash. Once the price of an app raises above your “pain threshold” you might be hesitant to make that purchase.

I’m here to tell you, you needn’t worry!

Google’s Market is unlike any I’ve seen before. You can buy an app, download and install it, and see if you like it (or make sure it works). If you don’t, not a problem, within 24 hours of making that initial purchase you can uninstall the app and get a refund!

The process is terribly easy! Simply go back to the Market, tap Menu, and touch the Downloads button. Here you can not only see all the apps you have installed (from the Market), but also all those you have purchased as well. Once you’ve purchased an app you can re-download it whenever you want (as long as it’s still available and hasn’t been removed).

If you want a refund, find the purchased app from the Downloads list, tap it, and tap Uninstall. If you’re within the 24 hour window you’ll be issued a refund as well.

There are some caveats, of course. For example, if you pay for and download an app, then uninstall it for a refund, then later download it again, that download doesn’t qualify for a refund. Also, purchases that are billed to your phone bill rather than via Google Checkout may be subject to other restrictions and may not honor the 24-hour refund policy (but you’ll have to talk to your carrier about that).

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