Nexus One 720p Video Recording Gets Updated


Not long ago I wrote about the 720p video recording hack for the Nexus One. It was in its early stages, but far enough along that Cyanogen included it in a text-build of his ROM.

Back then the author had commented that the audio and framerate weren’t great, but they were being worked on. Here’s what’s been accomplished with the latest release:

– Allocate 15mb to camera

– CAP bitrates

– Fix blank 480p

– Increased Bitrate

– Allocated more RAM to Camera

– New Camera App by Wysie_Soh

– Increased Bitrate to 10mbps

To use the latest version you no longer need Froyo, but you will need CyanogenMod CM5.0.8test3 or higher (which requires the Froyo radio).

Go ahead and grab the latest version from

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