Android 2.2: Want Froyo Today?


If you’re a frequent reader of you’re likely up to speed on the status of Android 2.2, also known as “Froyo”. If not, you can read the latest here.

But that news only applies to a small handful of “anointed” Nexus One’s, specifically internal units (those issued to Google employees) and those issued to members of the press. As one would expect, the updates for those devices generally work on those sold to the general public, and we published a couple tutorials on how to obtain and flash those updates to your phone (see this article for details). Of course, if you’re not the geeky-type, or don’t want to run the risk of flashing your own phone, where does that leave you?

Korea’s KT Wireless

If you live in (or near) Korea, KT (the nation’s second largest wireless provider) has reportedly negotiated with Google to carry the Nexus One running Android 2.2. This is the first we’ve heard of a carrier releasing an official version of Froyo on an Android phone. Of course, we don’t know what build of Android it is, so we don’t know if it’s FRF50 (the leaked version) or the FRF72 update.

What if you’re not in Korea, what are your options then? Well, you can flash your phone yourself, find someone to flash it for you, or…

Negri Electronics

Or you can order your Nexus One from Negri Electronics. Negri is taking the stock Nexus one and flashing them with Froyo so you don’t have to.

I talked with Ryan in the NE Distribution unit of Negri Electronics. He says prior to shipping stock Nexus One’s they flash them with the FRF50 update, bringing the phones up to Android 2.2. When I asked about the 1.8MB FRF72 patch, Ryan indicated they were looking into applying it to their stock as well.

What’s nice about this arrangement is that by purchasing your phone through Negri Electronics you get the latest version of the OS without rooting it, voiding any warranties, or figuring out how to flash it yourself.

The are two things to keep in mind. First off, it’s only the unlocked, T-Mobile banded version of the phone that Negri is offering with Froyo pre-installed. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it on another provider (AT&T, etc.), just that you might not get 3G speeds while on their network. Next, the upgrade isn’t free.

An unlocked Nexus One direct from Google costs $530 plus taxes and shipping. The same phone from Negri is $640. If you don’t know how, or don’t want to take the risk (or don’t live in Korea), $100 extra to get Froyo pre-loaded on your phone is a fair price to pay.

As an aside, being able to purchase Froyo pre-loaded by Negri and KT Wireless speaks volumes about the readiness of the Froyo operating system. Today is a good day to be a geek!

(via and Ryan at Negri Electronics)

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