Is the Android Market Broken?


Developers and users are reporting problems finding apps in the Android Market. Google is either unaware of the problem, or they aren’t commenting about it. What’s worse, this news comes on the heals of the recently announced iOS4 and iPhone 4.

According to some developers, the Market is no longer displaying certain applications. It doesn’t look like this is any kind of censorship or app filtering since the majority of the missing apps have been listed in the market previously without any complaints from Google. Additionally, the problem seems only to be present with recently updated applications. After an app has been updated with bug fixes or feature additions and the updated app has been submitted to the Market, it gets “unlisted” and can no longer be found on Android 2.x+ devices (some older devices and websites that can “look inside” the Market can still see the apps).

Some of the apps that are missing include:


– ADW.Launcher

– SlideScreen

– Better Contacts

– People/Contacts widget

– Setting Profiles

– Handcent SMS

– NetSMS

– Quick Settings

– WatchDroid

– Where

– WeGolf

– and others

Federico Carnales, author of LauncherPro recently commented “Yeah, Market is not working right, lots of apps missing”.

Google hasn’t acknowledged the problem to the press, or even to developers asking why their apps are no longer showing up.

Are you having a hard time finding your apps?


Google Has acknowledged the problem in a post over on their Developer Blog:

“Recently we became aware that some Android applications were not visible on the Android Marketplace. While we were internally troubleshooting and qualifying the fix and communicating with our hardware partners, developers were trying hard to get our help through various technical support sites. Regrettably, we fell short of our own standard for customer support by not communicating the issue to our developers and how we were working to resolve it.

“We’re pleased to say that the issue looks to be resolved with a patch, and to our best knowledge, all apps that were previously impacted are up and visible again. Again, apologies for the delay and inconvenience this created.”

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