Video: Co0kie’s Home Tab 1.8 Update

Co0kie’s Home Tab Mod for HTC Sense 2.5 was updated to 1.8 today. The upgrade features new quick link styles, wallpaper controls, a music player, a new widget for tasks, and more. The most notable addition may be the ability to customize all 4 levels of the home screen (not just the main screen). Check out the video below to see the new features in all their glory and head to XDA-developers for the latest version of Co0kie’s Home Tab. You will also want the editor to go with it. Both are easily installable CAB files, but make sure to read all instructions and/or warnings.

Changes in v1.8:

-(new) many lockscreen improvements

-(new) new quick link types: switches, notifications and misc

-(new) wallpaper controls: home, all tabs, lockscreen

-(new) wide scrolling home wallpaper

-(new) 4 home levels and landscape are customizable

-(new) tasks

-(new) new list control for appointments and tasks (unlimited item count)

-(new) anything will hide behind the expanded app/tasks list (not just quick links)

-(new) music player with 3 layouts

-(new) text color settings

-(new) analog clock is x-axis movable and resizable

-(speed) significant boost to quick links animation speed/smoothness

-(change) tab slider is now always visible on white submenus (related to retractable slider)

-(fixed) many lockscreen related problems

-(fixed) highlights that stick

-(fixed) second hand freezing

-(removed) animated wallpapers (not weather wallpapers, just the 3 animated ones)

(via: XDA-developers)

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