AT&T iPhone Insurance to Cost an Arm & Leg, Launching in June


According to information obtained from BGR, AT&T will soon be offering insurance for your precious iPhone. The insurance will allow users to pay a deductible to get their handsets replaced if lost, stolen, or damaged, but the plan does carry a pretty steep premium. While normal insurance for handsets cost around $5-6 per month for smartphones and higher end devices, the iPhone’s insurance will be an app available via Apple’s App Store and will carry a monthly recurring charge of $13.99 for the privilege of peace of mind; your credit card that’s on file for iTunes will be used to charge the monthly insurance premium.

Additionally, it will cost users as well once it’s time to file a claim. Deductibles range from a pricey $99 for an 8 GB iPhone 3G model to $199 for a 32 GB iPhone 3GS model–that’s on top of the $169 per year from the recurring monthly charge. Add also the optional charge of AppleCare to extend the iPhone’s warranty period (for manufacturing defects, battery replacements, etc) and your peace of mind can really start to get pricey.


The insurance is handled by Asurion, which is the company responsible for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and other carrier’s insurance claims. AT&T is expecting to launch this on June 6th, according to the documents.

Unfortunately, the clause states that you must initiate the purchase of insurance within 30 days of purchasing your handsets, which means that current iPhone owners will not be covered.

With insurance handling drops, accidental damages, as well as liquid damages, it looks like Apple’s pushing the responsibility further into consumer hands to take care of their devices. The iPhone maker had installed liquid indicators in discrete locations in the dock connector and earphone jack; if the liquid sensors are activated, Apple would deny repair coverage since it was damaged through user neglect and/or abuse. Now, with insurance, it seems that the burden of responsibility will fall further into the hands of the user and abuser.

(via: BGR)

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