HTC Sense Expresso Shown from myTouch Slide ROM

The myTouch Slide HTC Android smartphone for T-Mobile USA, which has been caught on cam and now rumored to be delayed for a June launch, runs a version of HTC Sense UI called HTC Expresso Sense. A hacker was able to grab the ROM image from the myTouch Slide and install that ROM onto his T-Mobile G1 and the performance is surprisingly smooth and fast even on the older harder.

There’s a new voice activated app to call, email and text, or search the web. That app is called Genius (video number 2). T-Mobile also threw in a couple apps to customize the device further. Additionally, the apps are encased in a bubble box for aesthetics when displayed on the home screen.

You can check out what’s new in the videos below.

(via: Android and Me)

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