Windows Phone 7 App Concept: Comcast Xfinity


Soon, developers will have to figure out how to make their existing apps look great in Windows Phone 7, which may mean taking advantage of the Metro interface to give the user a seemless experience. One particular blogger has created a neat app concept for Comcast’s Xfinity service that includes an interactive guide, show-specific panels, and more. From the author:

The home menu is simplified and highlights Comcast’s “Triple Play”: Voice, TV, and Internet. The inbox has been replaced with a “messages” view, and message management is handled by a WP7 hub. The hub presents emails, tweets, and IMs from Comcast and other viewers the user follows on Twitter. The “popular” view orders shows based on the users viewing history and current cable package. The first show “Glee” is both popular and participating in a conceptual co-marketing effort, so it receives prime positioning. The second spot goes to a hit show on a premium channel, in this example HBOs “The Pacific,” encouraging viewers to upgrade for this premium content. The remaining spots are ordered based on viewing history and popularity. Tapping the play button moves the user to the theatre where they can watch previews or full episodes streaming from Fancast. Tapping an “extra” presents the user with show details as well as interactive content that may be included as part of co-marketing efforts.

Overall, the concepts look fantastic, and we’re looking forward to developers getting creative with the Metro interface.




(via: ClarityConsulting)

Thanks for the tip, @jessiethe3rd (sent via Twitter).

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