Specs Compared: KIN One and KIN Two


Looking forward to the KIN devices but not sure how they stack up in terms of specs? Over at PDAdb.net, you can put both devices head-to-head to do a spec comparison. Here’s how they differ:


The KIN Two is the bigger of the batch, and so it’s 130grams heavy versus 110grams on the One. Both devices are about 20mm thick (which is about the same thickness as the old TyTN II/Tilt 2), though the KIN Two is significantly wider at 108mm vs 84mm. In terms of screen size, the KIN two’s display a bit smaller than an iPhone at 3.5″, which the One’s screen measures a rather tiny 2.5″. You’ll get HVGA 480×320 resolution on the KIN Two, and on the One, it’ll be QVGA 320×240.


Beyond the differing physical attributes, inside, both devices are similar. They are both running with a 600MHz CPU with 256MB of RAM. The KIN Two has 8GB of storage space while the One has 4GB. The cameras are also different: the Two can take 8MP pictures, while the One can shoot at 5MP (and both have a flash). The Two can record 720p video, while the One cannot.

Both have aGPS, FM Radio, Bluetooth, and WiFi. For power, the Two naturally has a larger battery at 1390mAh, while the One has 1240mAh of capacity.

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