Video: Microsoft KIN Two Walk-Through With KIN Studio


The KIN Two is the KIN One‘s bigger brother and sports a layout that is more familiar to Windows Mobile users with a landscape sliding screen and wider keyboard, not unlike the HTC Touch Pro2 sans tilt. The second model in the KIN family also sports a more familiar form factor to Sidekick users, for which this new platform will mostly replace after Microsoft’s acquisition of Danger.

The KIN Two, like the KIN One, is made by Sharp and feels lighter than it looks–for me personally, it did feel a bit hollow, but not cheap. The keyboard was clicky and the screen was comfortable with a resolution of HVGA. The device has a home/back button on the bottom in portrait mode, a camera button, volume up and down control, micro USB charge port, and a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. The back is matte and has a nice rubberized feel to it.

This device will sport a higher resolution 8-megapixel camera with a bright LED flash–Microsoft says it’s up to 8 times brighter than what’s on the market today–that’s capable of recording in 720p HD resolution, though you won’t be able to share those HD videos with friends wirelessly OTA–regular standard definition recordings are more sharing.

Like the KIN One, you can still manage everything from your PC or Mac via the KIN Studio on your browser. The KIN Studio is a private portal for you–requires login and authentication–so that not everyone can have access to your pictures and videos. From there, like on the KIN Loop sharing feature on the phone, you can drag images and video clips as well as the people from your contacts to share it with them.

For details about the KIN One, you can see our visit our post to see a video of the device, which is guided by Derek Snyder,’s alum who is now with Microsoft and deeply involved with KIN’s design and creation. Congrats to Derek and the team. Additional details of KIN can be found via Microsoft’s KIN portal. The device is expected to be available in May for Verizon Wireless and in the second half of 2010 for Vodafone internationally.

kin2 home button

KIN Two home button

kin2 keyboard

KIN Two keyboard lit up; shows nice wasabi green coloring


Photo stream on KIN Two

kin2 screen

Main screen of KIN UI

kin2 camera

KIN Two camera shutter button

kin2 volume

Volume buttons

kin2 head

3.5 mm headphone port in top center of KIN Two

Also, be sure to stay tuned for our analysis and commentary of KIN.

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