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Today we heard about KIN, Microsoft latest new product that is aimed to become the phone of choice for the “social generation.” Naturally, there are opposing views on whether KIN represents a fantastic new idea that will gain tons of traction, or if it will be destined to a fate of mediocre sales caused by being overshadowed by the more advanced and versitile mobile operating systems like Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, and so on.

We’re curious to hear what you think about KIN, so please sound off in the poll above. Here’s a glimpse at what our readers are saying about KIN so far:

Adrian Cojocaru

Top 5 Features Missing from Microsoft’s New Kin Phones


-No third-party apps or games

-No instant messaging

-No calendar app

-No GPS Navigation

-You can’t share pictures via Twitter

Steven Saltarelli

Too bad it’s for Verizon…that’s a company I don’t really want to do business with.

CJ Lippstreu

Actually seems better than I imagined. Certainly worth a look if social integration and music are your main priorities. Will have to see it in action more tho.

Some One

Does anybody think they can gain market share with these things ?

They seem to be inferior to any other device on the market.

They dont look too good (in my opinion)

They dont bring any real innovation/usability/other

So . . .

The only way I see these phones get any market share is if the price would be much much lower than the competition.

Morgan Gillespie

Honestly, I really like it too. Certainly wouldn’t be my main phone, but for the summer out of school, and when my work doesnt demand it, this could be a great option.

I just wish it was an option for ATT 3G, although it is vodaphone and vzw, so I guess I could get an edge model if I really wanted it.

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