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We’ve posted about MMTaskManager, aka Maximus Mobile’s Finger Friendly Task Manager, at the time of its release, but the application went a long way in less than one month since our last coverage, enabling it to run in the background for easier access, adding a Settings page and more.

Currently at version 1.6.100408, MMTaskManager, supports skinning too. Just make sure you uninstall any previous versions before installing the new one.

Here’s the complete changelog since our post:

04/08/2010 – Version 1.6.100408

* Fixed: run in background bug in some devices. Now it should work properly.

* Added: Now pressing the back/ok hardkey will also minimize/close the app.

04/07/2010 – Version 1.5.100407

* Added: Now you can allow the app to run in the background, this will activate the app much faster.

* Added: Skinning. See attachments for sizes and naming convention.

* Fixed: minor bug regards position fix.

03/29/2010 – Version 1.4.100329

* Added: Settings page to modify Exclude Processes, Position Fix Processes, and other toggle settings.

* Added: Alternative way to activate MMTaskManager: press and hold the send key.

* Added: Alternative way to activate MMTaskManager: press on the left 1/3 of the top taskbar width.

* Added: Now you can view/close all running processes.

* Modified: Now the app takes up the entire screen.

* Fixed: Performance bug where the app consumes high CPU usage (drain battery)

03/26/2010 – Version 1.3.100325

* Fixed: Localization bug. Now uses Environment variables for path, so the app should work with all ROM languages.

03/22/2010 – Version 1.2.100320

* Added: Ability to close application by pressing X close button either on top right corner for wm 6.5 or bottom right for 6.5.x. The app will add a shortcut to MMTaskManagerHook.exe in StartUp folder. This process will handle form closing. It runs on very low resource and at idle all the time so that it won’t effect battery life. MMTaskManagerHook.exe will share the same “Exclude Processes List” with MMTaskManager.exe.

* Added: Position fix for application.

* Added: MMTaskManager.exe now runs with highest priority for scenario where an app is hang and MMTaskManager.exe can close it. (Not fully tested).

* All new settings are available under popup menu.

(Source: XDA Developers)

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