HTC 2010 Lineup Leak Accuracy Check


Do you remember the HTC 2010 device lineup leak from December of 2009 on XDA-Developers? Believe it or not, so far, everything leaked has been accurate (minus some specification discrepancies). There are still many devices that we have yet to see, so here’s a run down of what HTC could still be planning for Spring/Summer 2010:

Already Announced


When we first saw the Legend, we immediately knew that it was the successor to the Hero (thanks to that chin). The leak told us that the device would be released in March 2010, and guess what? Most retailers begin shipping the device tomorrow, which is the last day of March. The specs were also dead on: an HVGA AMOLED display, 256MB of RAM, a 600MHz CPU, etc.


Ah, and here’s the Bravo (now known as the Desire), which is expected to ship in early April. The leak was correct in that the Bravo would sport the Snapdragon 1GHz CPU with a 3.7 inch AMOLED display. Where the leak wasn’t correct was in how much RAM the device would have…it comes with 576MB, not 256 as listed here.

Leaks HTC Photon slide 2009 12 14 580x291

When we saw the Photon, we were intrigued that the device would sport HVGA resolution, a first for Windows Mobile. The Photon, now known as the HD Mini, is being released right on schedule in early April, and is being positioned as the HD2’s little brother.

Not Announced (Yet)


It’s possible that HTC has pulled the plug on the Tera (or may release a variant of it later this year with Windows Phone 7 Series and a higher resolution screen), a device that could have been positioned as a smaller, less expensive version of the Touch Pro2.


We’re convinced that this device is coming, just probably not so soon. It, too, may arrive later this year with Windows Phone 7 Series. Many agree that the Trophy represents a killer form factor that would sell very well. It’s rocking a high res capacitive touchscreen above an HTC-Snap-inspired QWERTY keyboard. Fantastic.


If the leak is to believed, the Salsa will land in the early summer. Given that the front-facing QWERTY form factor is missing from HTC’s Android portfolio, it’s likely that we’l see a device like this released in the coming months.


The Tide is another example of a device that would fill a void in HTC’s Android portfolio. It’s a numeric-keypad device with some pretty conservative (low end) specs. It’s possible that HTC could roll this out as somewhat of a feature phone, but it’s also possible that due to lack of demand for this strange form factor, the Tide will never see the light of day.

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