Detailed HTC EVO 4G (Supersonic) Specs


Sprint’s 4G handset, the EVO 4G, is the HD2-but-with-Android device that we’ve all been waiting for. A few days after its announcement, we wanted to take some time to dissect the known specs, courtesy of, and compare it with its Windows Mobile-running brother, the HD2.



The EVO 4G is a bit larger than the HD2, but not by much. It’s 2mm wider and thicker, but 1mm shorter. All in all, they should have a similar in-hand feel, but the EVO 4G will be noticeable heavier thanks to an extra 13grams of weight.


Both devices are running with the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU running at 1GHz, but the EVO 4G has a newer version of the chip, the QSD8650 instead of the QSD8250. We’re not exactly sure what this means…it’s possible that the processor variation just comes from the EVO 4G being a CDMA device. In terms of RAM, the EVO 4G has 512MB, compared to 448MB in the European version and 567MB in the T-Mobile version.


Both devices have the same display: a 4.3″ multitouch-enabled glass capacitive screen at 800×480 resolution.

Max cellular data transfer speeds

The T-Mobile HD2 is capable of HSPA+ speeds, which in theory could mean download speeds of a blazing 56mbps. In practice, you’ll probably get up to 10mbps, which is still quite amazing.

On the other hand, the 4G WiMax-capable EVO 4G can do a theoretical 10mbps in down speed. In practice, we’re not sure what to expect. I can tell you that on Sprint’s 4G network here in Philadelphia, I can get about 6mbps down on my laptop. All in all, until Sprint upgrades their 4G network to the next evolution, it’ll be slower than what the HD2 can do over HSPA+.

Other goodies

The EVO 4G one-ups the HD2 in a few ways in terms of features. The camera on the EVO 4G shoots at 8MP versus 5MP on the HD2. Also, the EVO 4G has a front-facing camera, which will come in handy for video chat and social networking applications. You’ll probably get better battery life on the EVO 4G thanks to a 270mAh capacity difference.

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