S2U2 gets Proximity Sensor Support for Auto-Unlock/Display Off


Slide2Unlock2 received an update to v2.33 today that brings a huge list of changes and fixes. Chief among the new features is support for proximity sensors (HTC HD2, Touch Pro2, etc). When you take the device out of your pocket and turn the display on (while locked), it’ll auto-unlock itself thanks to the proximity sensor. Similarly, if you lock the screen and put the device in your pocket or cover the sensor, the display will auto-shutoff. We’ve seen this before in other screen-locking utilities, so it’s good to see the feature make its way to S2U2.

The proximity sensor feature is very practical as it allows you to skip a step when bringing your device out of sleep, but it can also be turned off in the settings. You can view the full change log below and as always, grab the latest download from A_C’s website. S2U2 supports most resolutions and should run on virtually any Windows Mobile device with a touchscreen.

Changes of v2.33 (3/16/10):

– Changed the “slide to dismiss/cancel” option to the right-hand-side of the slider so as to synchronize with the OS.

(Sorry for the confusion caused so far)

– Added option to lock all message/notification/task preview when “Lock System Notification” is on (S2U2 Settings > General).

– Added option to auto snooze an active alarm when power off (S2U2 Settings > General).

– Added “slide to snooze” when an alarm/reminder is shown on the lock screen (“Lock System Notification” must be on).

– Added option to shuffle the password keypad (S2U2 Settings > Password).

– Extended the “Lock on Talk” to lock the dialing screen if CallerID is enabled.

– Added support to the proximity sensor of HD2 (probably also Pro2):

1) When the device is locked, turn the device off if the proximity sensor is blocked (S2U2 Settings > Power).

2) When the device wakes up, unlock the device if the proximity sensor is not blocked (S2U2 Settings > Power).

* the auto lock/unlock will be temporarily disabled if there is a message prompt (e.g. Alarm/SMS) shown on the lock screen.

– Added option to show current weather info if weather info is shown from Pocket Weather / TouchFLO 2D / TouchFLO 3D (S2U2 Settings > Information). If you want to know why other weather applications are not supported yet, read the FAQ.

– Added option to cache each frame of a GIF wallpaper by device memory (S2U2 Settings > Wallpaper).

This option reduces the memory usage of S2U2 when uses a GIF wallpaper; it loads faster & capable to load very large GIF file (depends on how many free device main memory is left). But it also consumes the device main memory; lesser smooth animation; & definitely consumes more battery.

– Added option to toggle the system volume (“slide to ringer/vibrate”) when the slider is positioned at center (S2U2 Settings > Appearance).

– Added option to change the sliding text size (S2U2 Settings > Appearance).

– Added option to lock/unlock when the device is connected to a cradle (S2U2 Settings > Others).

– Added option to not to lock the HTC long End key press (S2U2 Settings > Advanced).

– Added a small music icon on the system bar to be shown if any one of the following music applications is running:

S2P, TouchFLO 2D/3D Music Player, Windows Media Player, MortPlayer, Pocket Music, Pocket Player & Nitrogen.

So if you suspect S2U2 is draining the power, check if a music icon is shown on the top system bar. When either one of these music applications is running, S2U2 will not turn off the power, but only turn off the screen.

– Some minor bugs fixed.

(via: XDA-developers)

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