WP7 Could Mean Good Things for Gamers


Following fear of backwardly compatible issues and other numerous delays, Windows Phone 7 Series is finally ready to leave the gate (after some final development work which will extend into Q3). And while this is mixed news for idle phone users with their respective hopes and concerns, it’s certainly a much larger deal for the mobile gaming fanatics of the world.

After stealing the show at the Mobile World Congress with its wide array of user-friendly features, speculation about Microsoft smacking the current smartphone out of the throne is already starting to circulate widely. One of the ways Windows Phone 7 plans to do this is by unifying technologies—finally—and allowing the phone to tap into the Xbox Live infrastructure.

Not only does this provide that all-important anywhere access to on-the-go users looking to check up on gaming news, access their networks and gaming communities and more, but it’s also quite possible that there could be some cross-platform gaming action in the near future, allowing Xbox to be played via mobile phones. And that’s not at all outlandish when you go through the impressive hardware features offered on Windows Phone 7. Of course we’re not likely to get the latest version of Grand Theft Auto to run on a Windows 7 Phone Series device, but we could see newer titles that offer impressive graphics with Xbox Live running the multiplayer functionality.

The team at Microsoft is looking to avoid the various hardware fragmentation problems that have plagued Java and are currently wreaking havoc on Android. To do this, some strict system requirements are possibly in the works, such as a minimum processor speed, a multi-touch display, and an 800×480 pixel fixed ratio, among other features.

Microsoft already has an impressive stable of A-games that aren’t likely to be found on any other platform – including Saints Row, Gears of War and, the crème de la crème of the bunch, Halo. Cross-platform action on a new line of smartphones would be ideal for the hardcore gamers of the world. Not to mention that it opens up the phone to an even broader marketplace. This idea of doing cross-platform gaming isn’t anything Apple could offer because they don’t have a big precense in gaming. Sony is the only other possibility for having this sort of strategy, but they current rely on other company’s software for their smartphone, so it would be difficult to create a consistent platform.

Until this happens, gamers will have to be content with basic mobile gaming options. Not to worry, though; the list of games available to play via mobile phones is already enormous and quite impressive. Whether it’s one of the web’s many online casinos or the new Terminator game, the gaming options are certainly numerous.

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