Co0Kie’s Home tab mod, one of the most popular Sense 2.5 hacks to date, has just been updated to version 1.6. This new version not only fixes many bugs, but also gives users access to tons of new features and customization options. The mod can be configured using Johncmolyneux’s handy home tab editor, which has also been updated to 1.6. If you haven’t heard of Co0kie’s amazing mod, check out the older version in action at the bottom of this post.

One of the downsides of using previous versions of this mod on HTC devices other than the HD2 was that it caused the home tab animations to lag a bit. Now, using some of the other animation choices in v1.6, the lag has disappeared. You can also choose to launch specific programs for when you click on different parts of the home tab, in case you don’t like their default actions. This means you can launch Touch Weather by tapping on the home tab weather graphics, G-Alarm by pressing the alarm button, GekoNewCal by hitting different appointments, and so on. The amount of quick links and how they’re displayed (show/hide text, icon frames, unused slots, etc) can all be customized too. I like that you’re able to see more appointments and show the quick links at the same time now.

I must say, I’m quite impressed by how far this project has come to light in such a short amount of time. It truly feels like it was meant to be part of Sense 2.5 now. The full list of changes, and there are many, can be viewed below. As always, you can download Co0kiemonster’s Home tab mod and Johncmolyneux’s editor from XDA-developers. First install the main mod, then install and run the editor to choose from all the great options.

Changes in Co0kie’s home tab mod v1.6 (March 4, 2010):

– (new) 3×3 quicklinks layout added and 5×5 repositioned slightly

– (new) reworked animations with 4 levels and an animation toolkit

– (new) dynamic notifications – autohide call history and quick links

– (new) up to 5 appointments in extended view, 2 in main view

– (new) enabled swiping between tabs from home

– (new) option to set the number of quick link pages

– (new) option to hide shortcut text and text background

– (new) option to hide page indicator

– (new) home tab weather animation on/off switch

– (new) localization support

– (new) setting for date, clock and weather buttons

– (new) option to set a custom operator name

– (fixed) leftmost and rightmost column sensitivity on 4×4 layout

– (fixed) wrong date for multiday appointments

– (fixed) quick links bug on up key / volume key

– (fixed) appointments now always update on home tab load

– (fixed) added back htc start menu shortcuts

– (fixed) unfinished animation before switching to remove/rearrange view

– (fixed) re-enabled operator logo

– (fixed) a few bugs in VGA mode

Notable Features:

– Home Tab with 4 views and lots of options

– Extended Quick Links:

* Quick Links layouts include 3×3, 4×4, 4×5 and 5×5

* up to 3 pages for up to 27, 48, 60 or 75 shortcuts

* links can be easily rearranged via drag and drop

* options to hide empty links, icon frames and text

* grid view in program selector

– Extended Appointments:

* up to 5 appointments on the home tab

* dated appointments for more than 2 days in the future

– Optional Call History button

– Configurable links for: Alarm, Calendar, Call History, Date, Weather and Clock

– 4 animation levels and an Animation Toolkit

– Mod options are configurable with CHTEditor

Earlier version of Co0kie’s Home Tab Mod (new features & performs better in new version):

(Thanks for the tip, SunDrop)

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