Sprint webOS 1.4 Update Tomorrow; Flash is Finally Here


Sprint has finally given an ETA on the webOS 1.4 update, which was promised by Palm at CES. The update brings a number of bug fixes, but the most interesting feature would be Adobe Flash 10.0 support for the webOS smartphone, which unfortunately is limited to the Pre only so Pixi users are left out for Flash support.

Sprint has since yanked the post, but it seems that the update will arrive tomorrow and will be available over the air.

Per Sprint’s post, it seems that Flash isn’t included with the update, but the update does add support for the plug-in. After the 1.4 update is installed, users can download Flash 10.0 from the Palm App Catalog.

What’s curious is that Sprint is listing Flash support, for now at 10.0. Adobe had previously touted Flash 10.1 support.

Palm Pre and Pixi WebOS 1.4 Software Update

On 2/26, Friday evening, Pre and Pixi device users will receive an Over the Air (OTA) notification to download the new 1.4 webOS software release.

This release includes both fixes and feature updates (listed below).


Time Zone bug fixed

Network time sync bug fixed to reflect accurate Network time

Bluetooth car-kit transition to device corrected

No EV icon bug fixed (random)

Random browser formatting bugs fixed

Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming

Missing Contact issue specifically with swap down to or less

Feature Updates:

Phonebook Transfer (import & export)

Adds Video Capture capability & edit

Calendar Enhancements

Messaging Enhancements

Improved Performance (Phone & CAL)

Email Enhancements

Notification Enhancements

Adds Adobe Flash 10.0 (Pre Only)

NOTE: The 1.4 software adds the ability to use the Flash 10.0 Adobe plug-in which will be available shortly from the Palm Appl Catalogue.

(via: Engadget)

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