Smartphone Weekly Round-Up: The (Past) Week in Review


In an effort to become more involved with the larger Windows Mobile and smartphone community, has joined as a member of a smartphone alliance to bring you some highlights from various different blogs this week. Here is this past week’s round-ups of some notable articles on our site and our partners’ sites. Check them out!


After the successful unveiling of Windows Phone 7 Series at MWC2010 every one is excited about WP7 but since we wont get our hands on one of these till Dec2010. We have to check out the WM6.5 devices that will come out before WP7. One such device from HTC is the HTC HD Mini. Our review site brings a new windows phone software I LEft My Phone at Home – this app will let you grab your sms and call info remotely. For Windows mobile gamers we review Resco Snake a windows phone accelerometer game.


Following Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series announcement (followed by the Windows Phone Classic rumors) we came to an understanding about Microsoft’s unique mobile strategy, and we actually like it. With all the talking about iPhone, Android, and WinMo, we almost forgot BlackBerry continues to lead the US market… And, for the Techie guys, check out our: how does direct Push work? guide.


We’ve just launched a new series at JAMM, in the form of a question of the day. Everyone can sound off or rant on the topic, just like a full fledged blogger. If you’ve got the time, we’d love for you to drop us a comment occasionally! Additionally, we dove into some of the more technical aspects of Windows Mobile here, with our look at processes and their effect on multi-tasking. Finally, we dove into SKKV Software’s awesome CABIntegr, which allows for on board CAB creation.

Mobile World Congress was in full swing, and Microsoft chose the event to unveil Windows Phone 7 Series. Perhaps the best news is a promo piece where we saw the HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 7. We also took a walk down memory lane with Windows Mobile 7, also known as Photon. SPB did give us a demo of Mobile Shell 5. For our Android feature, we showed how to side-load apps onto your Android phone.


We finally laid eyes on the long awaited Windows Phone 7 and examined the idea behind changing their marketing and not having backward compatibility for older applications. But MS continued to show support for Windows Mobile 6.5 by releasing a new version of Marketplace which supports SD Card storage and the ability to purchase from any countries market. We even got our hands on the Blockbuster video app (that will permit downloading movies directly to your phone) and the Amazon MP3 app from the HD2.

If you are a site owner and want your news featured in the weekly round-up, you can email the alliance for more details.

Special thanks to MobileSpoon for organizing the content.

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