USA 3G Speeds On The HD2


About a week ago Brandon posted a news article about how to get 3G speeds in the US on at&t’s network and we recently acquired one and decided to test it out.

In this video we demonstrate the HTC HD2 running at 3G/HSDPA on at&t’s network. The phones that we have matched up against each other are the HTC Telstra HD2 (T9193) and the LG eXpo. Both devices sport a 1ghz Snapdragon processor and have the capability of operating on at&t’s 850Mhz 3G network.

The Telstra HD2’s connection settings are unfortunately locked to Telstra’s Next-G 3G network but the device comes SIM unlocked. To use the HD2 (T9193) on at&t’s network you must first flash the phone with the Hard-SPL and then with a either the world wide edition ROM or any HD2/Leo ROM of your choice.

Ebay has a few of these devices in their auctions, but to buy directly from Australia you can go to Personal Digital to pick up your own unlocked Telstra HD2.

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