What Are Your MWC Predictions?


It’s fun to speculate, isn’t it? We’re curious to hear your predictions for Mobile World Congress. To get you started, here are some predictions from some of the pocketnow editors:

Jaime Rivera…

Just as Microsoft has Windows 7 Home, Ultimate, I predict a:

– Windows Phone Ultimate (completely revamped UI based on the Zune OS)

– Windows Phone Professional (Based on the current Windows Mobile 6.5.x concept)

– Windows Phone Standard (Based on the current Windows Mobile Standard)

The whole idea behind this process is to allow Pro and Standard users a last chance to evolve to ultimate. This is because there are just too many enterprise devices and applications that won’t evolve that easily.

– Close integration with Zune.. As a matter of fact I see Zune evolving to become a phone and that being Windows Phone 7 Ultimate. This will mark the death of Windows Mobile Classic

– All devices are now fully capacitive (high quality glass screens required), multi-touch capable, slimmer, and faster processors and storage specs.

– Microsoft gains more control over the OS allowing for OTA updates.

– More API’s for higher quality games and applications

– A newer version of Office, though not many changes on this department.

– No more .Cab installs… We’ll be stuck to the new marketplace process that protects developers from piracy.

– As always, Microsoft will bet it all on this new enhancement to the point of making most if not all of us to have to buy a new phone to get the goods. Sad strategy,.. But true. I’d bet devices will start being sold in Fall 2010.

– Internet Explorer mobile 7 will rock.. Finally!

Dan Webster…

For Windows Mobile 7 I predict that the display will have to be at least a AMOLED WVGA resolution with capacitive-multitouch. The RAM to support the new operating system will need to be around 512MB and the internal memory should be 1GB or greater. There will need to be an internal accelerometer and compass to use advanced orientation software such as Google street view like on the HTC Hero to utilize the proposed gesture feature. A 5 mega pixel camera is a must as well as the capability to record at least a 720p if not 1080p videos. Of course the devices will need to incorporate assisted GPS. The ports that will probably be included on the WM7 hardware will be a mini-HDMI, a micro-USB, a 3.5mm headphone jack with SPDIF optical audio. The card memory should be able to support 128GB micro SD memory. Hopefully new battery technologies are implemented. I would also like to see a proximity sensor, light sensor, and dual microphones for noise canceling speakerphone. And my final prediction for hardware would be an integrated projector.

Brandon Miniman…

I predict that Windows Mobile 7 will indeed ship on devices this holiday season, but on a limited basis. I imagine Microsoft will line up a hardware partner (HTC comes to mind) to help deliver the first wave of Windows Mobile 7 devices, which will shine as the best experience possible. There will be strict guidelines that OEM partners must follow: 1GHz CPU required with 512MB of RAM and 1GB of ROM.

I don’t think that there will be a Zune phone at MWC. It’s likely that Microsoft has built Zune software to replace Windows Media Player mobile, and that “Zune” on Windows Mobile will be like “iPod” on the iPhone.

I think that overall, the interface of Windows Mobile 7 will be similar to what we’ve seen in leaks. There will be a couple of killer features to the operating system that will make it stand above Android, iOS, and WebOS. That could be special gesture support, integration with Xbox, or a software framework that makes app development super easy and fast.

I see there being just one edition of Windows Mobile 7, with 6.5.3 co-existing until at least 2011.

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