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As mentioned last week, pocketnow.com is sending representation to Mobile World Congress for all of the interesting keynotes (the one from Microsoft is top on our list) and exhibitions from companies like Samsung, Spb, Sony Ericsson, Microsoft and more. There have been a lot of rumors going around about Windows Mobile 7. Some people are just making things up that don’t make much sense. The truth is, we don’t have any concrete information on Windows Mobile 7 just yet. It seems pretty likely that we’ll see some sort of Zune and Xbox Live integration, but to what extent we’re not sure. Meanwhile, pocketnow will have representatives at both Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the 2010 MVP Summit in Seattle the week of February 15th when Windows Mobile 7 is expected to be announced.

What are the really important questions you want answered about Windows Mobile 7?

We can’t make any promises about being able to find the answers right away next week, but we’ll see what we can do.

1. Has the Audio User Interface (Microsoft Voice Command) been improved or removed? Does it have API’s for developers to interface with? Are all voice UI capabilities accessible via Bluetooth?

2. Does Bing Maps get proper GPS Navigation tools? Does it sync with desktop Bing Maps (custom maps, layers, etc.)?

3. Can Windows Mobile sync TV shows recorded from Windows Media Center? In HD?

4. Are software input panels user changeable?

5. What is the extent of the theming/personalization capabilities? (Colors? Transparent PNG graphics?) Can 3rd party developers tap into user selected themes for their own themes?

6. Does it support Windows 7’s “Play to” commands?

7. Does it work with Windows 7 Homegroups or Direct Access and Branch Cache features for file sharing?

8. Does it support PDF viewing?

9. Will draft email messages sync with Exchange or IMAP servers?

10. Does it sync calendars with Windows Live, Gmail, Exchange, Facebook, and Outlook?

11. Does it support multiple & shared Exchange or Sharepoint calendars?

12. Can Windows Home Server backup Windows Mobile devices?

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