Windows Phone 7 Will be Like iPhone OS? Push Notifications But No Multitasking


The latest batch of rumors suggest that Microsoft will not be bringing its own hardware to the Windows Phone 7 party, but it will unveil its latest Windows Mobile 7 OS at Mobile World Congress. What’s to come to MWC? For one, the Windows Mobile 7 user experience may resemble more of the iPhone OS than what veteran Windows Mobile fans may like. Gone is multitasking and background tasks. Windows Phone 7 will just pause your current application when you exit out of them, much like the iPhone. Microsoft’s also going to be making a big push on push with push notifications. That’s something that I love on the iPhone as I can still receive IM notifications without running the IM app and drain the battery. Hopefully, alerts and notifications aren’t as obtrusive as the iPhone’s system.

Also to come is full Xbox integration, compatibility with older apps. and a Zune UI and Zune ecosystem compatibility. There will be a new start screen and the UI is codenamed as METRO.

Mobile Tech World has posted this juicy tidbit of information:

· WP7 will be announced at MWC, and there will be a demo, but this will be just the UX

· MIX will have specific developement focus sessions on WP7

· WP7 supports both Sliverlight (out of browser) and XNA

· Silverlight is version 3.0, with elements of 4.0 plus mobile specific features such as sensors etc

· XNA apps can be developed using XNA GameStudio 3.1

· SL apps developed using Expression Blend 3.x and VS2010

· MS will release a mobile version of VS / Expression which will be free, and VS2010 / Expression Pro will have a free add-on

· WP7 will have an equivalent of .NET CF embedded into SL, but no SQL.

· WP7 will have isolated storage which is accessible using LINQ

· The UX of WP7 is based upon a theme called “METRO” and is similar to Zune HD, but with a completely new “Start” screen.

· No multi-tasking (applications will pause when in the background, however they will support notifications using the MS Push Notifications environment)

· No .NET CF backwards compatibility, however a proportion of the data and business logic in .NET CF could be ported

· MS were confident to have devices ready for Sep 2010

· No MS manufactured device, however much tighter control of manufactring process, so as an example each device has a 3D processing chipset, and MS provide all of the device drivers. So no platform builder. This enables OTA updates and simplified model for ODM’s

· Marketplace will support buy and try before you buy, as well as an API

· ODM / OEM will not be able to modify the “Start” screen, so no more HTC Sense / TouchFlo etc.

· MS are actually ahead of schedule which will surprise the analysts / journalists

· Browsing experience is currently faster / better than iPhone 3G, and they are aiming towards 3GS.

· Browser is based upon desktop IE7 codebase, but with some IE8 functionality

· No in browser Flash or SL

· WP7 has full integration with XBOX Live, and ability to purchase games

· WP7 will use the Zune software for music, videos, photos sync

· WP7 only supports app installation through service based delivery i.e. marketplace, so no side-loading

· MS will provide a hosted push notifications environment

(via: Engadget and Mobile Tech World)

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