Windows Mobile 7 to be Zune + Phone?


Get ready for more rumors about Windows Mobile 7, this time from MobileCrunch. This time, the rumor is that Windows Mobile 7 will be a very close cousin of the Zune HD in more ways than one. To start, it will run off of the Zune HD kernel. Then, Microsoft will delegate to manufacturers the minimum screen size (which seems strange to us) and hardware specifications that will be required to run Windows Mobile 7.

The article goes on:

The UI looks just like the Zune HD’s with some phone controls built-in. The HD has defined the interface and the use case here, so expect a capacitive multi-touch screen with plenty of media controls.

Now for the nuts and bolts: WinMo 7 has no background processing and will use an Apple-like notification service. There is no system resource access and no threaded processes. In fact, there is no customization at all.

WinMo 7 will not run 6.x code. End of story. It is based on Silverlight and .Net. Everything save a few basic programs will not work under WinMo 7. There is no expectation that this will be a “business device” and the focus is currently on games including some XBox Live functionality for gaming and messaging. There will be a Microsoft App store with an easy approval process.

We’ve heard rumors that the interface of WinMo 7 would be similar to the Zune HD, but not “just like” as this article implies. We also know (and believe) that Windows Mobile 7 won’t feature native application compatibility with 6.x devices, which could shake up the developer community (although some may be excited to have a fresh start).

Either way, what’s mentioned above represents rumors that can be filed under the “lofty” column, but given the success of the Zune HD, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they could come to fruition.

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Thanks for the tip, Jan.

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