A Preview of the Future of Symbian, Version 4


The Symbian Foundation is releasing some more concept shots for Symbian^4, which is expected to ship on Nokia devices early 2011 with Symbian^3 coming later this year. The concept shows that Symbian is mashing the best of each platform–webOS, Android, Windows Mobile–into Symbian^4. According to SlashGear,

In their User Interface Concept Proposal (v.2) , they compare it to Android’s moveable homescreen (though Symbian Foundation has “independent unique pages” rather than one multi-panel screen), the way Palm’s webOS does away with Exit commands (but Symbian will save exit state and release phone memory rather than keep the app running in the background), and the iPhone’s “flattened application library” (though Symbian will use an alpha-ordered layout with various viewing filters, rather than manual organisation).

nokia symbian ui mockups 2

There will be top and bottom menu bars that slide completely off-screen to give a “chrome-less” look and allow users to have more useable screen areas.

Engadget Mobile reports:

As you can tell from the pics, Symbian^4 promises to deliver an entirely new user interface: navigation is streamlined and platform apps will be reorganized and redesigned to leverage next gen graphics meant to deliver visually appealing transparencies and transitions on Symbian devices. The experience is based on Direct UI and built upon Qt and Orbit — a strategy that Nokia hopes will lure developers to the table by making apps easy to build and update with broad scalability across Nokia’s entire lineup of handsets.

nokia symbian ui concept 2010 2

nokia symbian ui concept 2010 3

nokia symbian ui concept 2010 1

(via: SlashGear and Engadget Mobile)

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