Poll: Is the Ability to Hard Reset Your Smartphone Important?


The ability to hard reset a phone may not seem all too important, but it is something that could be appreciated if you either switch and sell devices, give your devices away, or modify your phone’s software and registry and need to get back to the factory default. A lot of smartphones–if not all–these days offer the ability to hard reset (also known as formatting, restoring to factory defaults, and wiping) the device should something go wrong, which is why I was a bit surprised in my time with the Nokia N900 as the device doesn’t offer a way for users to restore the device to factory defaults. However, even without the hard reset functionality, not all is lost with the N900 as the device has quick ways to wipe all your contacts and calendars, but you’d still have to manually uninstall apps.

According to Nokia’s reps, here are the options for your N900, should you need to wipe it:

While this is not completely possible for an end user to do we can offer the following:

Resetting the Factory Settings (This does not remove any personal data from the Device):

Touch the application icon and then touch Settings. Touch the settings menu drop down at the top of the screen and choose Restore Original Settings

Uninstalling the applications:

Touch the application icon and then touch More, then App. Manager and then Uninstall. Select the applications to remove.

Formatting the mass memory drive:

Touch the application icon and then touch More, the File Manager. Touch and hold on the N900 and then select Format. This will format the drive and remove all data. Why do this? This will remove images, etc…

Deleting accounts is a manual process that is dependent on the application.

For me, it’s a security feature that I’d like to have if I make any registry or software changes and need to go back to the default factory state. Although nothing has gone awry yet on the N900 despite all the apps and changes I’ve made on the device, the open-ness and extensibility and power of the N900 scare me should I make the wrong registry edit and can’t go back.

Do you personally require the ability to restore your device to factory conditions? Let us know in the polls and chime in under the comments.

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