Get the Most Out of Opera Mobile 10 With These Tips


Opera Mobile 10 has huge improvements over version 9. Not only does it start up about 80% faster, but it features better performance, a new interface, and a lot of little features that makes your web browsing experience better. Here is a list of some tips that will help you get the most out of Opera Mobile 10 (which of course can be download for free from Opera’s website).


Tap the top red bar to instantly scroll to the top of a page. This can only be activated if you’re not in full screen mode. It’s super helpful to get back to the top of a long website.


Start zoomed out at 100%. By default, Opera Mobile 10 doesn’t start out in the zoomed out view to give you an overview of the page (like Safari on the iPhone). Go into settings and change the zoom to 100%. While you’re in Settings, enable Opera Turbo to get faster performance. This mode turns on Opera’s server-side rendering to increase page load times by up to 50% (in our tests).


Add your most-visited website to the speed dial page. Like Google Chrome and Opera, you can set a grid of frequently-visited website thumbnails to allow you to quickly jump to a website after launching the browser.


Use Opera Link to synchronize your bookmarks. We haven’t tested this, but if you use Opera browser on your computer, you can have your bookmarks and speed dial icons synchronized to your mobile device. Very handy!


Turn on Full Screen mode to see as much of a webpage as possible. By default, Full Screen mode is not enabled, so be sure to turn it on especially if you have a device with resolution lower than WVGA.

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