Opera Mobile 10 Comes to Android Via Carriers and Manufacturers


Opera is introducing its Opera Mobile 10 browser to Android devices, but consumers cannot directly download the browser yet. We’re hoping Opera will change its strategy, but at this point in time the browser maker is licensing its Opera Mobile 10 browsers to manufacturers and carriers of Android devices. Currently, the company does allow Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile to be downloadable directly by consumers through its website.

Opera Mobile 10 brings a consistent UI and framework to Opera browsers across various platforms, including Symbian, Windows Mobile, BREW, and Android, to match the desktop version of the browser.

The demo video below, shows Opera Mobile 10, on a variety of platforms. We’re guessing that the experience will be similar on Android as it is for Windows Mobile as the company has stated that its bringing its cross-UI framework to life:

Opera’s cross-platform UI framework is built on top of the browser engine. This allows it to work seamlessly on all platforms running Opera Mobile or Opera Mini. This framework is tailored for efficient execution of dynamic user interfaces for Web browsers. Opera’s cross-platform UI framework empowers operators and OEMs to deploy one browser UI to a wide range of

devices, with minimal integration. The result is a unified, consistent Internet experience for the end users and time and cost savings for the operators or OEMs.

We’re hoping that Opera fills in with pinch and zoom capabilities for the stock Android builds.

At this point, you can either sit out and wait til Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile licenses Opera Mobile 10 for Android or go and petition your favorite hardware maker and carrier to license it.

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