Remap HTC Sense Alarm Link to Launch G-Alarm or SPB Time


The default alarm utility for Windows Mobile doesn’t offer too many features. Although it can get the job done, many users turn to third party alarm applications. Three popular choices for alarm replacements are G-Alarm, SPB Time and Klaxon. These apps have a ton of features and even tailor to deep sleepers with some creative tricks. If you find yourself unhappy with the simplicity of the default alarm, I highly recommend checking out either of the aforementioned apps.

The biggest issue, at least for me, is that the third party apps don’t play nice with HTC Sense. As you know, the home tab on Sense has a convenient alarm shortcut right under the clock. Users of G-Alarm, SPB Time and Klaxon know all too well the pain of having to ignore the benefits of that shortcut because, until now, it only led to the standard WM alarm. In the past, one had to either waste a quick links slot or open the app from the Start menu. With a perfectly good alarm shortcut present on the home tab, these steps are downright annoying. Thankfully, 12aon has created a simple fix to get the shortcut to launch either G-Alarm, Klaxon or SPB Time.

Head to XDA-developers, download the appropriate alarm hack for either Sense 2.1 or 2.5, and then extract the folder to your desktop. Run “Alarm Hack Home Tab” found in that folder and follow the commands. This is necessary to create a custom CAB that will be used to easily install the fix to your device. You can also choose to create a custom Manila file, which can be used to overwrite the original file in your device’s Windows directory. Below, you will find the steps I took to create a CAB for G-Alarm.

• The first prompt asks to either type in the name of your storage card or hit enter if the alarm is installed to main memory. I have it installed to main memory, so obviously, I pressed enter.

• The next step asks for the exact name of your programs folder. Since I’m using an English ROM, I typed in “Program Files”

• In the third step, you have to choose whether you’re using G-Alarm, SPB Time or Klaxon. I use G-Alarm, so I typed in “G-Alarm” (case sensitive!).

• Finally, it asks if you want to create a CAB or Manila file. I went with a CAB, so I entered “C”

• Press any key to exit the program and then you’ll find that it created a CAB file for the hack in the same folder. Transfer the CAB to your device, install and soft reset when prompted. After the reboot, I was finally able to launch G-Alarm using the alarm link on the Sense home tab.

Note: unlike other, similar hacks, this one will not disable the WM clock options. This should work on WVGA and VGA devices running either Sense 2.1 or 2.5.

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