HTC HD2 Official ROM Update Leaked


Just a few weeks after its release, the HTC HD2 will shortly receive an official ROM Update from HTC. The updates are not yet available on HTC’s support page but have been leaked and made available to the public via HTCPedia.

So far, after initial feedback, it seems that the new ROM brings a newer build of Windows Phone 6.5 (original WWE ROM 1.43 was 21864, the new 1.48 ROM to be released is 21869). Also, HTC Sense has been updated to 1921 from 1920.

Another important aspect: after preliminary testing, users report that the Pink Spot Syndrome has been fixed and no longer affecting the device.

Make sure to check the HTC website and its support section in the next couple of days in case you want to wait untill it’s released there.

Edit: Upgrade seems to bring a new Radio to the ROM which hopefully will increase signal sensitivity and battery life.

Edit 2: Pink Spot still exists and legitimates my theory above.

Edit 3: There’s a Sense bug: tapping on an e-mail message in Sense does not open the message in Outlook. User can only go to Outlook by the left Inbox soft button.

Edit 4: I find the keyboard a bit improved from the typing experience point of view – even though I had no major problems before.

(Source: HTCPedia)

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