Clarification: The Pink Spot Syndrome


After the launch of the HTC HD2, someone realized something being wrong about pictures taken with this device, namely the Pink Spot Syndrome. This syndrome was present in the past too, it just needed a spark for the whole thing to blow: first, in a hardware issue hyteria where users started ranting at HTC for replacements attributing the effect to an alleged hardware fault, then, in a statement from HTC Tech Support that gave hope to everyone by reading that it is a software issue that will be later corrected.

Like everything we live with today, it’s not a big deal, it just needed to be invented. And this was the case of the Pink Spot Syndrome, it needed a spark and unfortunately it happened to be a spark coming from an HD2. You might wonder: “Why is this guy so into protecting HTC and the HD2?” Because it’s a general syndrome present on most devices these days, even more, on Digital Cameras – compact or dSLR and it is very much related to White Balance. HD2 is nothing better nor worse from this point of view than other devices today. One picture is worth a thousand words! I present you four, other than the HD2!

HTC Touch HD

iPhone 3Gs

Motorola Droid

Omnia HD

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