Bing Maps Get Local Features, Interactive Experience


Microsoft’s Bing Maps for the desktop–and soon for Windows Mobile–will be getting some new local features so consumers can explore their neighborhoods, upload photos and have them stitched together, and have an interactive experience with the Bing Maps interface. Users can explore some of these new features at

According to Microsoft’s press release of the new Bing Maps, First, we’re releasing the beta version of a new Bing Maps experience that incorporates Streetside and Photosynth imagery to deliver an engaging mapping experience as customers change views, levels, or interact with the site. The new Bing Maps experience also features innovative new mapping applications such as Twitter Maps for real-time updates by area and Local Lens featuring hyperlocal, neighborhood content. You can explore the new features yourself at or, for a guided tour of the new features, check out this video with Blaise Agüera y Arcas, Chief Architect, Bing Maps.

Streetside will incorporate local blogs about hot new places–sort of like Bing Maps meets Yelp–for reviews of local destinations and hot spots. Photosynth will bring a user-generated content idea to Bing Maps by allowing users to snap pictures and upload them from various angles. Bing Maps will geolocate the images stitch them together to create a 3D image on mapping application–all from user content!


Bing Maps stitching user-uploaded content

There’s more to come from Bing Maps though over the next several days as Microsoft will create a more integrated experience, which will include Bing Maps being updated for Windows Mobile:

-A new Bing Windows mobile application featuring improved auto-locate and voice search, available for download at

-The new Bing toolbar which flags online content and alerts you when you’re about to make a purchase that qualifies for Bing cashback savings. Now available for download at

-A social network Visual Search experience — by integrating Facebook and Twitter feeds, Bing Visual Search allows you to quickly find your status updates of your friends and followers, sort by upcoming birthdays and more. Coming soon at Microsoft video (format is WMV).

(via: Microsoft)

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